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About Orhan

Orhan Adar
Yoga Teacher

More than 10 years ago I started my yoga path. On one hand I was looking for a mental balancing to my work as a lawyer and on the other hand I had the feeling that my body needed some stretching and gentle strengthening due to my daily working at a desk and years of doing competitive sports. It was the beginning of a great passion.

In 2015 I decided to share my passion with others and did my teacher training at The Yogaloft Cologne. Since then I underwent further training, amongst others yin yoga, adjustment & sequencing, as well as armbalance workshops and continued my yoga path.

I love to turn things upside down and therefore enjoy balancing on my arms and hands. I created my own workshop sequences around this subject, which I am sharing in workshops

I regularly teach at The Yogaloft Cologne und at Yes!Yoga in Cologne. I also give private classes (single or small groups) and Business Yoga. In addition to this you can join me at some festivals, e.g. the Yoga Beach Festival Köln & Düsseldorf, the OpenUp Festival, and at my workshops.

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