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Private Classes

Private Single Sessions

Individually taylored to you and meeting all of your needs. 

Private single sessions are always a good alternative or a good addidion to studio classes

  • at the begining of your yoga path to learn the right alignment within the poses

  • on your yoga path to improve your technique

  • to come back after an injury

  • to practice at home, because you have no time to go to a studio


Private Group Sessions

I also train smaller groups and taylor the sessions towards your targets and needs

You can be

  • a group of girlfriends, who would like to try something new

  • a sportsteam that would like to integrate yoga into the training schedule

  • a group of guys, who think that yoga is really helpful, but woul like to practice privately before entering the yoga world

  • a couple / a family that would like to enjoy the yoga path at home

I am happy to provide more informaiton. Please drop me a message or give me a call.

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